sexta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2013


Para fechar a semana com chave de ouro, fomos selecionados em mais um evento, o LITTLE TERRORS no Canadá!

O LITTLE TERRORS é um evento que ocorre numa das maiores cidades do mundo, Toronto e é organizado por uma das revistas mais conceituadas no meio, a Rue Morgue Magazine e pela distribuidora Unstable Ground!

O filme será exibido dia 25 de setembro, a partir das 21hs!

Vejam os filmes selecionados: 

The Root of the Problem (14 minutes, premiere)

DIR: Ryan Spindell

In 1950s suburbia, a young housewife suspects that the friendly neighbourhood dentist is hiding a horrible secret. Previous selection of Screamfest and Tribeca.

Fool's Day (19 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Cody Blue Snider
In this hilarious dark comedy, a group of 4th graders pull an innocent April Fool's Day prank on their teacher…. with horrifying consequences. Previous selection of Tribeca.

Encosto (7 minutes, Brazil, premiere)
DIR: Joel Caetano
A young man invokes demonic rites in a frenzied ritual, and deals with the results.

Phantom Limb (5 minutes)
DIR: Lark Arrowood
Jeffery always suspected something was wrong. Now he knows. Previous selection of the Viscera Film Festival.

Ethereal Chrysalis (10 minutes)
DIR: Syl Disjonk
Enter a multidimensional maze, where the doors of perception become the annihilation of all rational thought. Previous selection of Fantasia and many more.

Vindicate (8 minutes)
DIR: Patrick Rea
A grieving father must get revenge in this tale of impending doom. From Little Terrors alumni director Patrick Rea (Get Off My Porch, Next Caller, Do Not Disturb).

It's Not You, It's Me (11 minutes)
DIR: Matt Spicer
The relationship of a young woman (Gillian Jacobs from 'Community' and 'Bad Milo') takes a dark turn when every sound her boyfriend makes starts to a annoy her. Co-starring Fran Kranz ('Cabin in the Woods', 'Dollhouse') and Rob Huebel ('Children's Hospital').

Wrecked (15 minutes)
DIR: Justin Benson & Aaron Moorehead
The directors of Toronto After Dark favourite 'Resolution' are back with this surreal tale of a pilot, stranded in a desert. Smart, funny and well-made!

For Clearer Skies (12 minutes)
DIR: Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi
A man struggles to decide whether or not to pursue survival as his race nears extinction. Award-winning Canadian short!



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